Vol 15, No 2 (2021)

Table of Contents


Mosques for All: Nahdlatul Ulama and the Promotion of the Rights of People with Disabilities PDF
Arif Maftuhin 247-270
Negotiating Religiosities among Indonesian Muslims amid the Covid-19 Pandemic: Acceptance, Resistance, and Transformation PDF
Imam Ghazali Said, Nyong Eka Teguh Iman Santosa 271-300
Berkelakar and Directives in Palembang Malay: The Islamic Humor Discourse in Indonesia PDF
Susi Herti Afriani 301-328
The Awareness of Islamic Law as a Spiritual Factor in Family Resilience and Parenting Quality During the Covid-19 Era PDF
Asrorun Niam Sholeh, Nopriadi Saputra, Adler Haymans Manurung 329-358
Cockfighting in Javanese Muslim Society during the Nineteenth and the Early Twentieth Century PDF
Adi Putra Surya Wardhana, Dennys Pradita, Fiqih Aisyatul Farokhah, Andriyanto Andriyanto 359-386
Nationalism and Pancasila Education within Indonesian Islamic and National Universities: Mapping Students’ Responses to the Integration of Spiritual and Emotional Intelligence-Based Education PDF
Ali Mudlofir, Hisbullah Huda, Achmad Sultoni 387-408
Contested Authorities in the Haul of Sheikh Jumadil Kubro in Tralaya PDF
Al Furqon Al Furqon Al Furqon 409-432
Constructing Indonesian Religious Pluralism: The Role of Nahdlatul Ulama in Countering Violent Religious Extremism PDF
Ahmad Zainul Hamdi 433-464
The Dynamics of Power, Violence, and Conflict of Nahdlatul Wathan PDF
M. Zaenul Muttaqin 465-486
The Half-Hearted Compromise within Indonesian Politics: The Dynamics of Political Coalition among Islamic Political Parties (1999-2019) PDF
Abdul Chalik 487-514
Extracting Religious Identity: The Cyber-Ethnography of Abdul Somad’s Preaching PDF
Redi Panuju 515-534
ḤuqÅ«q al-MÄ«rÄth linÄqil al-‘AdwÄ bi FairÅ«s KÅ«rÅ«nÄ (KÅ«fÄ«d-19) fÄ« Manẓūr al-Sharī‘ah al-IslÄmiyah wa al-QÄnÅ«n al-IndÅ«nÄ«sÄ«yÄ« PDF
Azziz Bachir Raouane, Ruhi Fadzlyana Jailani, Fajar Rachmadhani, Mualimin Mochammad Sahid 535-568

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