Vol 4, No 1 (2010)

Table of Contents


MADRASA BY ANY OTHER NAME: Pondok, Pesantren, and Islamic Schools in Indonesia and Larger Southeast Asian Region PDF
Ronald Lukens-Bull 1-21
“TEEN ISLAM” The Rise of Teenagers-Segmented Islamic Transmission through Popular Media in Indonesia PDF
Akh. Muzakki 22-42
FILMING AYAT-AYAT CINTA: The Making of a Muslim Public Sphere in Indonesia PDF
Ahmad Nuril Huda 43-61
THE QUEST OF INDONESIAN MUSLIM IDENTITY: Debates on Veiling from the 1920s to 1940s PDF
Ali Tantowi 62-90
IN THE NAME OF DEMOCRACY: Commoditization of Religions by Political Parties in Indonesia PDF
Purwo Santoso 91-108
RELIGION AND LOCAL POLITICS: Exploring the Subcultures and the Political Participation of East Java NU Elites in the Post-New Order Era PDF
Abdul Chalik 109-150
ترجمة الشيخ نوويّ البنتاني و تفسيره PDF
Muhammad Thohir Aruf 151-175
تربيـة المســاواة الجندرية بين الجنسين بالجـامعـة الإسلامية PDF
Akmaliyah Akmaliyah 176-195
DEMOCRACY IN THE EYES OF ISLAMISTS: An Ideological Contest in Post-New Order Indonesia’s Socio-Politics PDF
Ahmad Fathan Aniq 196-201

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