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This paper examines Islamic radicalism particularly in Indonesia in terms of its roots and strategies of action. While focusing on the Jama’ah Islamiyah (JI, lit. “Islamic Community”) as the larger subject of discussion, it takes Ar Rahmah Media Network with its print publication of Jihad Magazine (Jihadmagz) in particular as the case of study. The paper argues that the emergence of Islamic radicalism is mainly triggered by the combination of the ruling regime’s political repression, crucial socio-economic deprivation, globalisation, and Arabia support. Also, it further argues that there is a shift of strategies among activists of radical Muslims in delivering their messages as well as in conducting their radical actions.


Radicalism; Islamic radicalism; Jihad; Jama’ah Islamiyah

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Interviews and Correspondences

Correspondence with Ade Armando, the editor-in-chief of Madina, 15 July 2008.

Interview with Jibriel, Bintaro, Tangerang, Banten, 25 April 2008.

Interview with Jibriel, Istora Senayan, Jakarta, 04 March 2008.

DOI: 10.15642/JIIS.2014.8.1.1-22


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