Lagu Ramadhan

I’ve heard these songs so many times that they’re ringing in my head!

During fasting in the month of Ramadan, there are many things that are certainly characteristic, from takjil food to sahur food. Not to mention the exciting atmosphere of Ramadan which always makes you miss.

Apart from food, there are certain things that we often encounter during the month of Ramadan, especially if it is not a religious song.

Here are a few signature songs that we are sure to hear a lot during the month of Ramadan! Sometimes even ringing in the mind!

Take Care – Aa Gym

One of the most popular religious songs to date is Aa Gym’s creation, entitled Jagalah Hati.

The song, which was created in 2004, invites listeners to guard their hearts from feelings of envy and jealousy. Because with a clean mind and heart, everything that is good will be easily achieved.

Tombo Ati – Opick

A religious song that is equally popular is Tombo Ati , sung by Opick.

Through this song, Opick tells his listeners that there are five drugs to treat mood, namely starting from praying , reading the holy book Al-Quran to gathering with pious people.

Insha Allah – Maher Zain

The song sung by Maher Zain with Fadly from the Padi band is indeed very cool to hear.

This song has not only a calming tone but also a very extraordinary meaning. The listeners seem to be reminded that there will always be a best way for those who try and struggle on the right path.

Fate – Opick

Again, Opick sings a religious song that touches the heart, but this time he sings it with a female musician from Indonesia, Melly Goeslaw.

Through the song Takdir , Melly and Opick tell listeners to always be human beings who can accept destiny and carry out the provisions of the Creator as well as possible.

If I Know – Purple

It’s different with this song, this time a religious song that soothes the heart comes from the Indonesian band, Ungu.

If I Knew tells a story about being afraid of sins because you never know when God will call you. So as a human being he should be the best figure.

Tomato – Guardian

The Wali band also did not want to lose, they also created a song called Tomat aka Tobat Makasiat.

Where through this song they try to remind the public to repent of all the sins that have been committed.

Among the songs above, are there any that are your favorites?

To listen to it use earphones. You can get mp3 download sites.